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How to stay focused on building & growing your business

The Next Big Thing

Have you ever been busy chasing the next big thing in marketing or sales? And hoping this time the new thing will stick? If you have, you're not alone. We’ve all been there. Some of us even get burnt by trying all the new things and hitting wall after wall.

When busy growing our business, we can't resist trying new tactics and tools. We hope something will work.

We all think we can multitask. Feeling busy also make us feel like we’re progressing and building momentum. After all, we’re the ones who take actions to make a change, to forge a path and to create and build a business.

We need to feel we’re doing things and going places. We need to feel significant since we can do so many things and so many people are relying on us to get things done.

Trying new things also means we’re learning and growing, which is a good thing. Right?

As entrepreneurs, we are our business. Learning and growing are important for us in life and in business. Our shiny object syndrome and our desire to grow and learn make us forget about being selective.

Lessons Learned

We chase after the next shinny object and take advice from everyone we admire. We stay busy. We stay hopeful. We hope this time, doing something new will work. It's worked for people who have made a seven-figure or even eight-figure living. Does that all sound familiar? How do I know all this?

Your guessed right. I did all that, in my first business in art. I built the business with passion. But passion alone was not enough. It's never the one thing that makes things work. But the tipping point to make things work is to focus on one thing at a time.

I invested my time and energy in following all the advice I could get. I invested money in getting the “best” tools. Did that help with the learning? Yes. Did that help my business? Not so much. So what happened then?

I started to doubt myself. I wondered how others got the results that I was not seeing. Did I follow their “step-by-step” format? Yes. Plus, I have my business background from the corporate world. With my experience and network, things could have worked out much faster and better. Or at least that's what I thought.

When we're busy, we also forget to learn from our own failures. That could be a big waste of valuable lessons. I didn't realize that until I started helping others with my insights and perspective.

Top 10 Takeaways

The main takeaways if you're overwhelmed by your shiny object syndrome:

  1. No need to stick to your childhood passion to build your dream and business.
  2. A new way of being can create a new wave of passion. Choose what gives you the most energy and excitement.
  3. Plan for the long game. A five-figure launch doesn't happen with just one perspective and one try.
  4. Create, build and grow your business with passion. Stop operating your business from fear and limitation.
  5. Operate with intention and clear direction. Let go of perfection.
  6. Stay in the lane you've created for yourself. Take actions and move fast.
  7. Stop comparing yourself with others in different lanes with different destinations. They're climbing up different mountains.
  8. Use strategy to help organize your ideas, bags of tools and new skills and tactics.
  9. Use your vision to help align your actions and decisions.
  10. Growing a sustainable business is never about marketing alone. Learn the business fundamentals to boost your confidence and improve your decision-making.

To make your effort count, use each of your struggles and obstacles to propel you forward. Focus on aligning your tactics with your strategies, your actions with your vision. Commit, go and grow.

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