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How to Seek Fulfillment


The Familiar Path

Many of us find fulfillment elusive. The prescribed path for most of us is going to university, getting a good job, climbing up the corporate ladder, building a professional life with a stable income, and keeping up with our circles. All looks good from the outside.

Many of us don’t know what we want and follow the paths and dogmas of others. We keep going down the familiar path. Not because it is easy but because it is what we can see. Certainty offers comfort, despite the boredom. We keep the suffering going even if we don’t find much joy in our job.

Do What You Don't Love

To live, we must work. To work, we must do what we don’t enjoy.

Wait: it doesn’t sound right. But wait: that’s exactly what most of us are doing.

"Do what you love." We hear and read that all the time. Some people have tried but found that doing what they love is more challenging than doing the work they don’t enjoy.

They think they are pursuing their passion. They think they will enjoy it but the daily grind seems to be unbearable and it’s not all enjoyable. They give up on their pursuit and find another job. Like everyone else, we keep on following the familiar path and find pleasure in other areas of our life.

Seek Pleasure

We buy pleasure. We eat for pleasure. We shop for thrills. That’s how we cope with being unfulfilled. We buy relationships with our social identify and status. We buy time by going on vacations. All looks good from the outside.

Until we become unhealthy and hope for a change.

Hope is not a strategy. We all know that. And yet we allow ourselves to go through the motions, feeling the time rushing by us and leaving us behind. We build anxiety but all looks good from the outside.

Find Fulfillment

There are plenty of fitness and health movements to help us become more healthy and fit. But fulfillment is still elusive even when we have become fit and healthy. What’s next? Next, we turn to becoming busier in pursuing or finding our passion.

What if we don’t find fulfillment when pursuing our passion? What if we can’t sustain ourselves doing what we love? What if we don’t have the skill and experience we need to do what we aspire to?

And will fulfillment keep us happy and healthy?

Success & Fulfillment

What is fulfillment?

There are many definitions.

One perspective is achieving our dream with our full potential.

But what’s our full potential? We didn’t learn that in school.

What’s our dream? Our hobbies, our interests or our inclinations?

If we ask 100 people, we will likely get 100 different answers.

Some people confuse passion with a hobby and achievement with fulfillment. For example, some people give up after two months of trying to turn their passion into a business.

If we stop pursuing our passion within two months, that is not our passion. It is a hobby or natural inclination. If we have to trade in our soul for a dream job, the job is not our dream but a status symbol of achieving something.

If we measure our potential with the result of any exam or any competition, that is not our full potential but a potential we limit ourselves to.

So fulfillment in a sense is not about doing what you love or pursuing your passion.

A Way of Being

Fulfillment is a way of being. Being who you are. If you don’t know who you are, allow yourself to have the agency to create who you want to be. Choose and create yourself.

In the process of creating yourself, you will feel your way to fulfilment.

Create Yourself

To create yourself, you need to be open and stay curious. You need to lean into your courage to sail into the unknown. You need to allow your excitement to keep your fear at bay.

With fulfillment, you’ll have the courage to test your ambition. If you allow your ambition and excitement to guide your decisions and choices, you’ll find ways to sustain your growth.

You can build a parallel career path (side hustles) or grow your business with creativity and innovation. It’s too risky to not prepare for having options. The freedom to choose.

The future is coming faster than you can imagine. Build your options. Be who you want to be. Do what inspires you. Build what excites you.

Fulfillment is a beautiful state where mind, body and spirit all align from the inside to the outside. Feeling good and looking good can be achieved at the same time. Try it yourself.


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