Make Wealth, Health & Happiness

    Your Business, Financial  

    & Mental Model


    10X Vision,10X People


    Inspire Change through EntrepreneurshipTM


  • Your First Step to Make Change Happen

    Working a Regular Job, even as a Professional, will not help you build Wealth.

    Starting a Viable Business will.


    Making Change, Building Wealth & Business Take Time.

    So the best time to start is NOW.


    Instead of Wasting Your Time or Thousands of Dollars on Any Program,

    Start One of These Plans Below and Get The Ball Rolling.


    Once You See Your Path Forward, You can then Decide

    If a Program is Your Best Viable Option.


    (I don't work with people who are merely interested.

    I work only with people who are committed to get results.

    Merely interested is a time waster for everyone.)

    Becoming Alive by Reinvention

    Reboot Express TM

    Who Is This For?

    Corporate directors, executives and professional leaders who feel stuck in career & life and are ready to seek change.

    What Do You Get?

    A 60 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your best viable options and action plan to move forward.


    (Includes a personal financial model template & a vision map)

    Becoming Free by Achieving More

    Viable Business Path ForwardTM

    Who Is This For?

    Former corporate leaders or professionals who are ready to build a life & business beyond the traditional & conventional model.

    What Do You Get?

    A 60 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your business opportunities and action plan forward.


    (Includes a business financial model template & a vision map)

    Becoming Exceptional by 10X Vision

    10X Vision to ActionTM

    Who Is This For?

    Founders or CEOs with a 6 or 7 figure business and want to sustain & accelerate growth with 1 to 10 employees.

    What Do You Get?

    A 90 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your vision, business opportunities and a vision-driven action plan to move forward.


    (Includes both personal & business financial model templates & vision maps)

    * (You can use any session cost to reduce your program fee

    if you choose to continue with a Path Forward program)

  • "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."


    - George Bernard Shaw

  • Hi, I'm Mina...

    I help corporate leaders and entrepreneurs see their future. I help them invest in their future by building wealth, health and happiness into their freedom path, in business & life, NOW.


    If you’re like my private clients who first came to me for multi-million-dollar strategies, you’re in the right place. I can show you how. But more than that, you’re searching to fulfill your full potential, both in life and in business. As a founder & CEO, you are your business. You are your best asset. As a corporate leader, you want to futureproof yourself by creating a freedom path.


    Like my private clients, you realize you want more than just making money. You want to:

    • Build wealth beyond financial freedom
    • Instill health for performance & the long game
    • Exude happiness for excitement & growth
    • Inspire change to make a real impact in scale

    I can help you do that too. That's my vision & mission to impact millions, after helping transform the lives and businesses of my high-profile clients. My work with my private clients affords me the freedom and capacity to help more people to build a business worth growing and a life worth living.


    Because of my own struggles and transformation, I’ve developed a simple & multi-dimensional process to help you create and grow the business and life you truly desire.


    Whether you are on a similar path of building and growing a business or you want to build a freedom path to your corporate career, I understand your struggles, ambition and aspiration like no other.


    Want to see your future and take actions strategically? I can help.


    No one achieves greatness by going the distance alone. Let's work together...

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